Teacher Mini-Grant Program


Over its lifetime, the one-five Foundation has donated more than $2 million to District 15 to enhance classroom learning opportunities. Part of this funding goes to teacher mini-grants each year. In 2019, grants were awarded in two categories: Program Awards and Technology Awards.  These grants spanned 15 of our Junior High and Elementary Schools and named over 30 teachers.  Conyers Learning Academy was awarded $12,000 for a multi-sensory room and tools.

In the technology category, this year’s mini-grant winners are:

  • Megan Sanchez, Paul Behen and Jeff Donatowicz of Carl Sandburg Junior High, John Conyers Learning Academy and Winston Campus  for “A Healthy Heart and Body for All Students.” 

  • Carol Coutts-Siepka of Plum Grove Junior High for “G.E.A.R. (Get Excited About Robots)”.

  • Emily Strand of Pleasant Hill Elementary for “Qball Throwable Microphone.” 

  • Jen Buelow and Nicole Mogilinski of Walter Sundling Junior High for “Launching our Ideas with Rocketbooks!” 

  • Carol Coutts-Siepka of Plum Grove Junior High for “eMERGEing Technology.” 

  • Katie Ruiz of Winston Campus Junior High for “Vex Robotics Competition.” 

  • Amy Schmidt and Sandy Ramsland of Jane Addams Elementary for “Audio Books for all.” 

  • Jessica Hennelly and Colleen Tapling of Winston Campus Elementary for “Portable Maker Space Classroom.” 

  • Jessica Busse, Jenny Orth, Carrie Holt, Heather Klikas, Katie Nawrot, Sarah Das and Nicole Perso of John Conyer's Learning Academy for “Multi-Sensory Room and Sensory Tools.” 

In the programs category, this year’s mini-grant winners are:

  • Michelle Scott of Frank C. Whiteley Elementary for “Learning Through Movement.” 

  • Meghan Sanchez of Marion Jordan Elementary for “Hallway to Motion.” 

  • Carla O'Connor of Stuart R. Paddock Elementary for “Boosting Reading Levels with Playaways.” 

  • Katie Burns-Wojalewicz of Carl Sanburg Jr. High for “Using Picture books in the Inquiry Model to Engage, Exlore and Extend in the Social Studies Workshop style classroom.” 

  • Jamie Schaeffer of Winston Campus Elementary School for “Making Multicultural Literature Accessible to all learners.” 

  • Sue Major, Irene Salman and Michelle Pashkow of Virginia Lake Elementary School for “Student Centered Seating for Wellness.”

  • Melissa Warder of Lake Louise Elementary School for “SEL Student Choice Classrooms.” 

  • Katie Dengler of Virginia Lake Elementary School for “Leveling Up Classroom Libraries.”

  • Allison Judson of Virginia Lake Elementary School for “Walking Wednesdays.”

  • Joan Thomas of Willow Bend Elementary School for “Butterfly Garden.” 

  • Laura Robinson of Winston Campus Junior High School for “Book in My Hands: Novel Study Groups.” 

Thanks to support from the one-five Foundation, in 2018 Conyers Learning Academy students were able to plant and tend to their own vegetable garden last summer and fall. The hands-on experience was tied into core subjects like speech and reading. A garden for 2019 is already being planned!